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Communication to transcend: communicate the mission of your organization

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A well-implemented communication strategy can make a big difference when publicizing the mission and work of a multilateral organization or NGO.

Positioning a brand or organization means informing its value proposition in an original and relevant way, so that it can transcend in the minds of the target audience.

How to effectively communicate the purpose of your brand?

Before defining the way in which you want to communicate the mission of your organization, it’s necessary to be clear about the ultimate purpose of the institution. Taking this into account, a series of characteristics can be attributed to the brand that distinguish it from others that may have a similar mission, making it recognizable in the eyes of an audience.

Once you have defined what makes your organization different, you can begin to develop a digital marketing strategy. There are many tools to create an innovative and creative communication plan that, at the same time, cares about the social impact that your messages may have.

These methodologies will not only help you make public the work carried out by the organization, but also allow you to build trust and promote the projects you are implementing.

For example, an effective way to expose what your organization does is to tell the mission through a story. With a case or a testimony, you can generate empathy in others and thus effectively communicate the commitment that the brand may have to different causes, whether social or environmental.

Why is it necessary to communicate the mission of your organization?

Making known the purpose of an NGO is very important, since it allows the actions taken and promoted by the brand to be disclosed, as well as the impact they can have. By communicating the mission of your institution, you not only inform about it, but you can teach about social causes and promote the actions that move them.

On the other hand, an innovative communication strategy allows a broader public to be reached, democratizing the information about the real social problems and the work that your organization does in pursuit of them.

Likewise, it will be possible to sensitize and generate awareness about the theme that the organization works on, helping to build the necessary social change. Finally, communication acts as a space for the participation of the people involved in the initiatives, so it can help improve the social causes for which it advocates.

Whether you seek to generate debates and dialogues in society about the issues you work on or you want to raise awareness about the tasks of your organization, it is crucial to create a communications plan.

For this reason, at Atípica, we will help you create a creative communications strategy, with effective campaigns that will help you communicate the values ​​and missions of your organization. Write to our chat box or send us an email to

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