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Central creative concept: What is it and why is it important in your social impact campaign

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Creativity is a key part of any campaign, since through it, a brand can capture the customer's attention and be remembered. In that sense, every creative campaign has to have an idea behind it that lifts it up and works as a foundation.

In its simplest form, a central creative concept or CCC is the essence of the brand, which can be summed up in a catchy phrase or slogan. The function of the CCC will be to give consistency and identity to the brand, giving it a distinctive personality that works as a basis for developing the creative and advertising campaign.

In this way, the CCC is the foundation of any advertising campaign, since it encompasses all the messages that the brand wants to communicate, which can then be broken down into spots, call to actions, communication for social media and much more. On multiple occasions, the success of the campaign depends on the central creative concept.

Why is it important to have a central creative concept?

When working with a social impact campaign, it is key to have a clear creative base concept of the company or organization. This will help publicize not only your business model, but also the actions that your company does in order to create a positive social impact.

In this way, a CCC will allow you to generate well-supported advertising messages and effective calls for action that deliver clear information about the brand, its impact and why it is relevant to support it.

There are brands that can have a great social impact through beneficial actions, but do not communicate it in the best way. By having themes related to social impact incorporated into your CCC, you will ensure that this aspect of your brand is immediately associated with it.

In addition, by having your central creative concept clear, it will be easier to structure communication actions and strategies for your company, because you will have the basis on which the different communication actions are created.

How do you create a creative core concept?

There is no single formula for generating a central creative concept, but one of the ways to create it is by breaking down the meanings of “concept” and “creativity”, answering key questions about how both ideas work for your business.

When we talk about “concept”, we refer to the main idea behind the brand, so the question must be asked: What do we mean? While if we see the theme of "creativity", we must question the inspiration that your organization has, responding to: How do we mean it?

Once this is decided, you can brainstorm with the company's teams to define the slogan, phrase, or text that acts as the basis of the organization's creative communication.

How to implement the central creative concept?

The best way to implement a CCC is through communication actions. For example, in a digital marketing campaign, we can explicitly declare our central creative concept to relate it to the positive aspects of the brand.

Another way of working on the central creative concept is through graphic pieces. With visual communication, we can choose in our graphic line, images, and colors in a strategic way so that they better represent the base of the company, that begin the central creative concept.

For example, for a company dedicated to sustainability issues, it is better to use green colors in its pieces, since this tone is associated with these topics, which in themselves are the essence of the organization.

Interested in formulating a creative core concept for your organization? At Atípica we have a team of professionals who will help you create the advertising campaign you need. Write to our chat box or send us an email to

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