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Social Marketing: How to communicate the impact generated by your organization

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The word marketing is generally associated with the economic benefits that a company is looking for, but it must be remembered that marketing strategies and techniques also can help to generate visibility, capture and retain a specific target audience.

NGOs and non-profit organizations can benefit from these last points when implementing a communication plan.

What is social marketing?

Before defining what social marketing is, it’s important to remember that for an organization such as NGOs, the "clients" are donors or volunteers, while the "product" that is sold is the cause for which the organism works.

Social marketing or marketing with a cause is characterized by seeking notoriety and renown for the brand, highlighting the work and the social impact that it can generate. To achieve this objective, the team must generate actions that highlight the organization's value proposition and mission, as well as the characteristics that make it unique compared to others.

A good strategy must seek to align the brand's values ​​with those of potential "clients" who share the same social concerns that the organization works on, as well as impact and retain current users.

How to do social marketing?

To do social marketing, it is necessary to create a communication plan that can demonstrate in a simple and effective way what the organization does, and its effect on the social problem, while calling people to invest, whether time or money, in the cause or share information about it.

Each NGO must individually consider what it’s looking for from the target audience to decide what actions to take. It is important to be clear about the final goal, to implement a marketing message that works correctly and has the expected results.

For example, if you want to achieve greater visibility for the organization, the best thing would be to create a campaign that focuses on sharing content that clearly shows the impact achieved by the organization in the social cause. One way to implement this strategy would be to create videos that show actions and visible work, in such a way to generate an impression on the general public.

In case you want to look for new members or support through donations, you can generate a message that points out the need for a change that society has, and the benefits that there will be as a result, always appealing to empathy in the public.

So, for this situation, the ideal would be to work on a campaign with a central creative concept that can be moved in channels such as social networks and email marketing to reach new and old users.

In summary, to generate social marketing effectively, you have to adjust the marketing techniques and channels that will be used to the final objectives of the organization.

At Atípica we will help you generate and implement the social marketing strategy that best suits your needs. If you want to know more about communication with purpose, write to our chat box or send us an email to

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