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What is triple impact?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Transform your company's strategy into a model with purpose

It is increasingly common to see that companies care about their social and environmental impact, as well as their profitability. This new paradigm is called triple impact and has led companies to explore new areas of benefit when defining their success.

Likewise, consumers today are increasingly selective when deciding what to support, so it is important to communicate the work and values ​​behind your organization to differentiate yourself from the competition.

For a company to commit to the triple organizational impact, it is necessary to seek solutions to solve social causes and care for the environment without neglecting the profitability objectives of the business. Taking this into account, the costs and benefits of these pillars will change depending on the sector or the size of the company.

Triple impact companies in Chile and many sectors in Latin America are certified by “Sistema B”, a non-profit organization that promotes companies that voluntarily meet these standards. Once the certification process is completed, the company becomes a B Corp.

What do we mean by social and environmental impact?

The social impact is achieved by collaborating with a specific community and generating demonstrable objectives for a specific social purpose, for example by investing in the solution of social pain or a problem in a specific region.

A triple impact company must self-impose an ethical and transparent regime when working on its final objectives. For example, different internal regulations can be created based on sustainable policies that the corporation must comply with and make transparent to its customers and employees.

Among the actions that companies can take to improve their social impact are: generate a good salary and benefits policy for employees and their families, have an harmonious work environment, gender equality in the company and support charitable causes within the community.

On the other hand, the environmental impact refers to working to improve the environmental debt generated by the company, whether due to the generation of waste, the use of natural and energy resources, or other issues related to the environment.

Taking this goal into account implies carrying out studies to create actions that work in line with the sustainability objectives defined by the business. For example, generating policies that help reduce the company's carbon footprint.

Why should a company transform its corporate model?

Users are increasingly concerned about the ethical and ecological responsibility of the brands they consume. For this reason, they keep in mind the values, actions and solutions that the company provides both to the consumer and to society when choosing which company to support.

Due to these changes in the consumption paradigm, it is important to have a communication strategy that makes customers understand that the triple organizational impact is an important topic for the company. In this way, through correct strategic communication, we position ourselves in a privileged place in the minds of our users.

Being a company with triple impact means that in addition to the economic objective, the social and environmental impact is added to the company's guidelines, which implies strategic and communicational work. If you are interested in applying this strategy in your business, leaving a significant mark, and you need help to communicate it correctly, do not hesitate to contact Atípica. Write to our chat box or send us an email to

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