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Inbound marketing for B companies: Attract customers with valuable content

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy based on attracting and converting customers through useful content, as well as unique and tailored experiences. This type of marketing is the opposite of mass communication or the annoying "spam" that fills the customer's mailbox with information of little relevance.

B companies are based on giving importance to economic growth as well as to the social and environmental impact they can produce with their actions. Inbound marketing, in turn, seeks to add special value at each stage of the customer journey, so by working together they can create unique experiences with added value.

What makes inbound marketing content different?

The ultimate goal of inbound marketing is to naturally and non-aggressively attract users who have a need related to the products or services offered by the company. The most fundamental thing will be to generate valuable content and unique experiences focused on the customer during the different stages of the journey and in the different channels that are used by the company, such as blogs, search engines, social networks and much more.

Many B companies and triple impact programs do not achieve their final objectives, since they do not find the correct way to communicate the initiatives and values that they have implemented, distancing themselves from the target group they wanted to appeal to.

Implementing communicative actions focused on the client, with relevant, useful content adapted to their needs, will help potential users become naturally interested in your company, guiding them to conversion.

How to generate inbound content?

For a triple impact project to make a substantive difference in the minds of users and at the same time be able to capture ideal clients, it is necessary for the target audience to know what the project is doing and what differentiates it from other companies through content custom-made for them.

The development of a buyer persona and the initial survey of customer profiles is the most important part before thinking about how to communicate brand values. This allows us to know if we are communicating something that is really of interest. By fully understanding who our clients are, we will be able to create tailored content for them.

Once this profile has been defined, it is important to specify which channel will be the most appropriate, since the inbound methodology can be used very effectively in various media such as RRSS, advertisements, email marketing, attraction marketing and much more.

Specifically in social networks, there is the possibility of generating various non-invasive actions, such as asking and answering questions to interact with users, sharing videos and images with functional content and creating publications with topics of interest and education. It is crucial to keep in mind that the idea of ​​these posts will be to convey everything that the brand does, not to sell it explicitly.

At Atípica, we will help you generate the conscientious and impactful content that your company needs. If you are interested in learning more about new trends in the world of digital marketing, write to our chat box or send us an email to

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