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International Organization
for Migrations 


Faced with the migration crisis that occurred during the year 2021, IOM and UNHCR saw the need to take action in pursuit of the eradication of xenophobia and racism in Chile. We have been in charge of conceptualizing and developing a communication campaign in order to raise public awareness and promote the inclusion of refugees and migrants. 

After an in-depth analysis, we proposed as a basic idea that diversity is the value that allows us to establish a dialogue, live together healthily and create bonds. We use stories from real people who dedicate their time to building community in Chile.




Initial lifting:

documentation and interviews

parties involved



Social media content strategy and development .



Development of creative concept and graphic line


Campaign landing page design and development.


Production of photographs of participating people 
of the Bell.



Development of campaign materials and content.


Press Strategy 
and amplification.



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