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Upcycling in Chile: How to highlight your sustainable brand

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Upcycling is a trend that reuses materials that were previously considered garbage, giving them a new utility, higher quality and extending their useful life.

The word upcycling comes from the concepts recycling and improving, which implies that the created object will have a higher value than it originally had. Although this movement has existed for a long time (especially in the area of ​​textiles), it is gaining more strength among users and companies every day.

This company model is directly related to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and its commitment to promoting economic growth, sustainable development and building a future that protects the planet.

Brands entering the world of upcycling

Users have an increasingly critical eye towards the environmental impact of the brands they consume. Because of this, consumers are choosing to support businesses and companies whose models align with their personal values.

A sustainable development refers to a model where the needs of a user can be met in the present, without compromising or harming future generations. With this in mind, several companies have decided to collaborate with other companies to recover and reuse previously forgotten materials.

In Chile there are many innovative initiatives in the area. For example, Idea-tec, is a national brand that focuses on manufacturing sustainable paints based on plumavit or polystyrene waste, giving new life to previously discarded materials. This outstanding company has worked with large companies such as Colún, Shell and CCU.

Another company is The Imperfect Project, a brand that dedicates to recover fruits and vegetables that were going to be thrown away and turning them into high-quality nutritional bars. Currently, this brand distributes its products in large stores and supermarkets such as Unimarc.

Another company innovating in upcycling is Bureo. This startup collects disused fishing implements such as nets and turns them into textiles. Recently, this national company joined with Patagonia to transform 35 tons of fishing nets into recycled material to make clothes.

In the international game, Levi's decided to collaborate with the fashion house Miu Miu to generate a collection that recovered old textile pieces from both companies, giving them a new style.

Why is important to make known your upcycling company?

Companies based on upcycling are becoming more popular every day. Because of this, the landscape is very competitive, and it’s more difficult to stand out among the multitude of corporations that are innovating on the subject every day.

It’s valuable to keep in mind that an innovative idea is not the only thing a company needs to be successful. Without a set of communication actions that target the desired users, it will be impossible to achieve the expected success, especially in a market that continues to grow day by day.

For this reason, it’s essential to communicate well the initiatives, innovations, and policies that your company is implementing. A good and creative communication strategy, will focus on making your project known and highlighting what makes it special. This will give you the necessary visibility to reach more potential clients.

To learn more about how to communicate the value and purpose of your brand, we invite you to review the note "Marketing with purpose: 4 Tips to communicate the purpose of your brand"

If you have a company based on sustainability, and you want to create a marketing strategy, we invite you to contact Atípica. Write to our chat box or send us an email to

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